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6 Ways to Be a Good Neighbor in Your Apartment Complex

6 Ways to Be a Good Neighbor in Your Apartment Complex

6 Ways to Be a Good Neighbor in Your Apartment Complex

Are you enjoying the perks of living in an apartment complex? When you live in our apartments in Wilson, NC, you can enjoy the luxury amenities, pet-friendly accommodations, and friendly neighborhood. As you get settled into your apartment, you also want to take the time to meet your neighbors and create friendly relationships with those around you. These are a few simple ways you can be a good neighbor in your apartment.

Keep Visible Spaces Clean

When you live in apartments with outdoor spaces, like front stoops, balconies, or patios, you should keep them clean. Neighbors may frown upon messes, litter, or clutter right outside your door, as this reflects the entire community. Keep eyesores off your outdoor spaces that are visible to your neighbor to show you respect for the shared areas.

Adhere to Noise Policies

One of the best ways to treat your neighbors right is to avoid loud noises after hours. After the hours of 9 or 10 at night, you should try to keep the noise to a minimum. Avoid throwing large parties so that you do not cause disruptions. You never know other people’s sleep schedules or lifestyles, and you should be respectful of the noise level after dark.

Care for Your Pets

If you keep pets in your apartment, you need to take care of them. These responsibilities are yours, and yours only. Take your dog outside for them to do their business, and then clean up after them immediately. Dispose of the trash in the right bin to prevent any odors. Also, if you have a cat inside your unit, you should strive to clean your cat litter on a routine basis to prevent any foul odors from coming from your unit.

Practice Proper Trash Disposal

Some apartment complexes offer trash removal services that allow you to leave your trash outside your door. However, you should follow the calendar so that you avoid putting your trash out for many days in a row. Trash smells, and you want to prevent any odors from making their way through your common hallways.

Be Polite

If you see your neighbor carrying heavy items, or some rainy weather has made its way to your town, you should hold the door for your neighbor. When they are struggling to open the door because their hands are full, you should make the extra effort to help them out. Also, if you have elderly neighbors, you should take this time to hold doors or offer your assistance on an everyday basis.

Follow Parking Policies

Many apartment complexes offer assigned resident parking. This prevents people from having to search for a spot that is right near their unit. However, some residents do not always follow the rules, and they will often park in a spot that is not assigned to them. Do not do this, as it is a rude way to start a relationship with your neighbors. Instead, stick to the parking rules by parking in your assigned spot, driving slowly through parking lots.

These are a few ways that you can be a friendly neighbor when you live in an apartment complex. By living in our apartments in Wilson, NC, you can enjoy the shared amenities and the friendly neighborhood around you. To hear more about the Oasis at Heritage, contact us today!

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