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Beat the Heat: Cooling Tips for Your Apartment

Beat the Heat: Cooling Tips for Your Apartment

Beat the Heat: Cooling Tips for Your Apartment


Summertime brings with it hot days and balmy nights. But living in an apartment can make the heat even more oppressive. Before you start looking for apartments for rent in Wilson, NC, take a look at these hacks to help keep your apartment cool and comfortable—even during the hottest days of summer.


Install Window Treatments

Window treatments are not just decorative; they can also help block out light and keep your rooms cooler in the summer months. Look for blackout curtains that will keep your rooms dark even during daylight hours or blinds that can be closed to cover up large windows or sliding glass doors. If you want to go one step further, consider installing reflective window film. This film works by reflecting sunlight away from your windows to prevent it from entering your home and heating up the interior. It’s a cost-effective way to reduce the temperature in any room without sacrificing natural light or your view outside.

Switch Ceiling Fans on High

Ceiling fans are great at circulating air around a room, but did you know they can also help lower temperatures? To get the most out of ceiling fans during hot weather, make sure they are spinning in a counterclockwise direction (the direction should be marked on each fan). This pulls warm air up and pushes it away while pulling cool air down into the space below. Plus, using ceiling fans instead of air conditioning will save energy and money!

Use Light Colors Strategically

Light colors reflect heat away from your apartment, so if you’re planning on repainting this summer, then opt for lighter tones such as whites and pastels. These colors will not only help keep temperatures low but will also give any room a nice, breezy vibe that is perfect for summertime living! Try painting a single wall with a light color instead of opting for an entire room—it’ll still have the same cooling effect, but won’t overwhelm the senses like bolder colors might do.



Keeping an apartment cool during summer doesn't have to be difficult if you use these helpful tips! Installing window treatments or reflective window film blocks out unwanted sunlight while using ceiling fans helps circulate cool air around larger spaces. And if you're looking to repaint any time soon, then consider using lighter tones like whites and pastels which have been proven to reflect heat away from apartments and homes alike. So don't sweat it - stay cool this summer with Oasis at Heritage's incredible apartments for rent in Wilson, NC! Contact us today to schedule a tour!

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