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How to Increase Storage Space inside Your New Apartment

How to Increase Storage Space inside Your New Apartment

How to Increase Storage Space inside Your New Apartment

Are you excited to move into your new apartment and create a space that you can call all yours? When you first move, you may be overwhelmed with all of the tasks, like unpacking and organizing. As you organize your apartments for rent in Wilson, NC, you want to use the right solutions to make everyday life much simpler. These are a few tips to increase your storage solutions inside your new apartment.

Use the Space Under the Beds

One of the best places to store belongings that you do not need each day is to invest in some under-the-bed storage bins or bags. Be sure that you do not put items that you use each day underneath the bed, as that will just make it more difficult to get them out each day. Instead, keep seasonal clothing, extra blankets, or items that are not used very frequently in these areas.

Consider Bathroom Storage

You will likely spend more time in your apartment bathroom than you think, as you will start and end your days here. Take time to implement the right storage solutions into your bathroom to make the space more functional. You may want to add shower suction baskets, under-the-sink storage, or even a small stand for makeup. Consider the space you have and how you can make everyday tasks much simpler with the right bathroom storage.

Install Closet Organizers

Closets should be used wisely. For example, when you only have one rack installed in your closet, you may need to get some more storage solutions. Consider using storage cubes, plastic drawers, or other inexpensive solutions to add more functionality to your closet. You can also use expandable hangers that will allow you to fit multiple shirts or pants on the same rack.

Add Function to Your Kitchen Drawers

When unpacking your kitchen essentials, consider practical storage solutions. Get a few inexpensive drawer organizers to help divide items like silverware, spoons, spices, and more. When you open these drawers, you can easily find what you are looking for without rifling through many different items. Not only will everyday life be much easier, but you will also be able to fit more than you expected in each drawer.

Hang Functional Wall Decor

Installing functional wall décor can also help to make your everyday life easier at your apartment. Consider hanging wall hooks near your entryway, which can provide you with a place to hang bags or coats. Also, you may want to add wall shelves to provide a place to sit items like sentimental trinkets or family photos.

Prevent Office Clutter

While clothes and belongings are important when you consider storage, you also need to be away of mail, paperwork, and office clutter. Be sure to invest in a quality filing system to keep bills, work papers, and personal documents safe and secure. This can also make it easier to put your mail away and to help you stay organized each day. After you pay a bill, take the time to file it away instead of letting it sit on your table for weeks.

These are a few ways that you can implement the right storage solutions into your new apartment. If you are looking for a perfect place to call home, contact our apartments for rent in Wilson, NC to hear more about our available units today.

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