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Tips for Working From Home When You Have Young Kids

Tips for Working From Home When You Have Young Kids

Tips for Working From Home When You Have Young Kids


The year 2020 has surely been a year full of surprises – both good and bad. One thing that we were not prepared for was work, education, and life all shifting to our homes. For many parents, having to juggle work from home with young kids may not have been easy. However, remote work is becoming increasingly popular these days and for those parents who need to take care of their children at home while working, it can pose a tough challenge. In this blog post, we provide a few tips on how you can make it easier to work from home while taking care of young kids.


1. Make a schedule and stick to it

Creating a work schedule and sticking to it can help you manage your time effectively. Make sure to include time for your children's meals, playtime, and nap times during that schedule, so your children know when it's okay to interrupt you and when it's not. By maintaining a schedule, you will be able to keep your work productivity high while giving your children the attention they require.

2. Discuss your situation with your employer

When you have young kids at home, it's vital to communicate your situation and limitations with your employer. Being transparent with your company and colleagues can help you establish realistic work expectations and goals. If you need to take a personal day, make sure to let your employer know beforehand, so it doesn't affect your work productivity.

3. Create a designated workspace

Establishing a designated workspace can help you separate work from home life and minimize distractions. Find a quiet place that you can dedicate as your work area and keep all the essential supplies nearby to minimize interruptions. Ensure that your workspace is comfortable and functional so you can stay focused and productive while working.

4. Keep your children engaged with activities

Keeping your children busy with activities can help minimize their disturbance while you work. Plan out activities such as drawing, puzzles, and games that your children can do independently or with minimal supervision from you. If possible, consider hiring a babysitter or asking a family member to take care of your children for a few hours during your workday.

5. Work during nap times and after bedtime

When you have young children, nap times and after bedtime can be a great time to catch up on your work. Consider scheduling important meetings around your children's sleep schedule. Working during these times can be beneficial, as your children won't expect your attention and allow you to focus solely on work.



Working from home with young kids can be a daunting task, but by following these tips, you can make it much easier to manage. Be sure to create a schedule, communicate with your employer, establish a designated workspace, keep your children occupied, and work during nap times and after bedtime. Remember to stay flexible, stay calm, and don't feel guilty if things don't go as planned. Good luck! If you're looking for affordable apartments in Wilson, NC, contact Oasis at Heritage today to schedule a personal tour and live in a beautiful and convenient area.

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