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Spice Up Your Apartment with Wall Art

Spice Up Your Apartment with Wall Art

Spice Up Your Apartment with Wall Art


In the modern age of minimalism and rental living, wall art has become the exclamation point in the design of your home. It’s the personal touch, the bold statement, and perhaps most importantly, the splash of color and character that can transform even the smallest of apartment spaces. This is your ultimate guide to using wall art to elevate your apartment, infuse personality into your space, and make it truly feel like home.


The Power of Personalization

When you're renting an apartment, it can feel like your space is not quite your own. Wall art is a powerful tool in breaking down that feeling. It’s a way to infuse your personality without a paintbrush or significant DIY project. With a carefully chosen piece, you can transcend the rented-white-wall aesthetic and put your own stamp on your living space.

Finding Your Style

The first step in personalizing your space is uncovering your interior design style. Do you gravitate towards modern, with its clean lines and contrasting colors? Are you a fan of eclecticism, with a mishmash of textures and tones coming together? Perhaps you find solace in the minimalist aesthetic, seeking serenity in sleek design and neutrals. Pinpointing your style helps narrow down the vast array of wall art that's out there and makes the selection process much more manageable.

Sourcing Artwork

Once you've determined your style, it’s time to find the right artwork. The pieces you choose should resonate with you and enhance the mood you want to create in your apartment. Local art markets, online galleries, and even your own camera roll can be treasure troves for finding pieces that are meaningful to you. Remember, art is not just about what looks good—there should be an emotional or intellectual connection that makes you pause and ponder.

Pro Tips for Displaying Art in Small Spaces

Living in an apartment often means a smaller canvas to work with when it comes to displaying your art. But small space doesn't mean small impact. There are a few expert tips to maximize your wall space and the art you put on it.

Grouping Art Together

Create a gallery wall to showcase your collection. Group pieces of varying sizes and subject matter together on one wall for a striking visual display. This not only brings texture to your space but also draws the eye, making a room feel fuller and larger.

Vertical and Horizontal Orientation

Utilize vertical art to create height in a room that might have lower ceilings. Conversely, if your space feels too narrow, go for horizontal pieces that offer a sense of width. Consider the flow of the room and how each piece interacts with the furniture and layout to achieve balance.

Balance and Proportion

A general rule of thumb is to keep the middle of your artworks at eye level, which is about 57 inches from the floor. This ensures that your display is balanced and that visitors can comfortably view your collection.

Making a Statement

Art has the power to evoke emotion, spark conversation, and create a focal point in your home. It can also dictate the color scheme of the room and set the tone for the style you want to achieve. Here’s how to ensure your statement art hits the mark.

Selecting the Right Size

Your art should be proportionate to the wall and the furniture it's near. A tiny piece of art over a large sofa can feel lost, just as an oversized piece in a small dining area might overwhelm the space. Choose a size that makes an impact but still feels balanced.

Color Coordination

Art provides a fantastic opportunity to play with color in your space. Whether you choose a single piece to anchor the room or multiple works that complement each other, ensure that the colors in your art coordinate with the rest of your decor to create a cohesive look.

The Aesthetic Fit

Your art should feel at home in your space without necessarily blending in. It should be part of a conversation with your furniture and decorative items, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the room.

The Practical Side of Wall Art

While the beauty of art is often in the eye of the beholder, there are some practical considerations when it comes to displaying artwork in your apartment.

Wall-Mounting Techniques

To avoid damaging the walls, be sure to inquire about techniques that allow for easy removal, such as command strips that are strong enough to hold the weight of your art but won’t leave a mark when it’s time to move out.

Lighting Matters

The right lighting can make or break the impact of your art. If possible, position artwork opposite a source of natural light to make it the focal point of the room. If natural light isn’t an option, consider track lighting or spotlights to highlight your collection.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Artwork needs regular cleaning to ensure it maintains its beauty. Use caution and follow the instructions for cleaning your specific piece. Avoid spraying water, chemicals, or cleaners directly on the art or frame. Instead, lightly dampen a cloth and gently wipe away any dust or dirt.

Where to Find Stunning Art for Your Apartment

In today's digital world, there's an abundance of places to find high-quality art for your apartment, both in-store and online. From one-of-a-kind pieces by local artists to prints from international art websites, your only limitation is imagination.

Local Art Scenes

Take to the streets and find your local art scene. Galleries, markets, and art fairs offer a physical space to connect with the artwork and the artist. You can often find unique, affordable pieces that will support local talent.

Online Marketplaces

The internet is a vast resource for discovering art from all corners of the globe. Platforms like Artsy, Saatchi Art, and even Etsy feature works from emerging and established artists, many of which can be purchased as prints or originals.

DIY and Personal Photography

Don't underestimate the power of creating your own artwork. Whether you're a budding painter, a skilled photographer, or just enjoy crafting, your own creations can be the most personal and unique additions to your apartment.



Wall art is a crucial element in making a house feel like a home. In your apartment, it’s an especially vital tool to inject personality and warmth into a space that might initially feel sterile or temporary. By selecting pieces that you love, learning how to display them effectively, and maintaining them with care, you can create a truly inspiring living environment.

If you’re on the hunt for an apartment for rent in Wilson, NC area—remember that finding the right space is the first step to turning your art into an experience. Consider checking out apartments at Oasis at Heritage, where you can lay the foundation for your personal art sanctuary. Start by browsing our available spaces today, and get ready to make a statement that’s uniquely you. Contact us today to schedule a personal tour.

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