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Top Tips for Small Apartment Living

Top Tips for Small Apartment Living

Top Tips for Small Apartment Living


Living in a small apartment can be a challenge, but it also has its advantages. It's a way to save money, cut down on chores, and live a simpler life. However, small apartment living requires careful consideration and design to maximize the space you have. Whether you're living alone or with others, here are the top tips for small apartment living.


1. Multipurpose Furniture

When you're living in a small apartment, you have limited space. Therefore, you should consider using multipurpose furniture. Instead of a regular bed, use a loft bed that has storage, a built-in desk, or a seating area underneath. You can also use a sofa bed, or storage ottomans that can be used as a coffee table or extra seating.

2. Decluttering

The most important thing to consider when living in a small apartment is how to reduce clutter. You need to get rid of unnecessary things and keep only the essentials. This can be done by organizing your things regularly and having proper storage. You can also donate or sell things that are not needed.

3. Vertical Space

Do not forget about using the vertical space for storage and decoration. You can have shelves, hooks, and organizers on the walls to save space and make the room look more welcoming. You can also use the ceiling for hanging plants, lighting, and other decorations.

4. Lighting

A small apartment can feel cramped if it doesn’t have enough lighting. You can experiment with different lighting sources like floor lamps, ceiling lights from various angles, and different light temperatures. Soft lighting can add a cozy touch to your living space, making it feel more inviting.

5. Decor

To make your apartment look more spacious and organized, consider using the same color scheme throughout the apartment. Neutral, light colors, and pastel shades can make the room look larger than it is. Also, consider using mirrors to reflect light and make the space feel more open.



Living in a small apartment can be challenging, but with these tips, you'll be able to maximize the space you have and create a comfortable living environment. Remember to use multipurpose furniture, declutter regularly, utilize vertical space, optimize lighting, and be mindful of decor choices. With these strategies, you're sure to transform your small apartment into a cozy and inviting space that you’ll be happy to call home. If you're considering apartments for rent in Wilson, NC, contact Oasis at Heritage today to schedule a personal tour of our spacious, well-designed apartments designed for comfortable living.

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